Tactical American Flag Balls Sticker - Patriot Pink

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Just 'cuz we love big, glorious balls here at Gunsticles.com, doesn't mean we don't want to include the ladies.  That's why we're proud to introduce our new Patriot Pink Variant of the Tactical American Flag Balls Sticker! This 3" tall sticker is great for slapping on your gear or on your vehicle and representin' America and the Gunsticles brand you hold so dear! Any questions?

  • UV Laminated Coating suitable for outdoor surface (like your big ass truck!)
  • Very sticky.  It's a sticker.
  • 3" tall x 2.67" wide
  • Patriot Pink variant features white stars on a pink field and pink & white stripes
  • Available individually or save money with 5 or 10-packs